The 7200 Trust

The 7200 Trust was formed to restore to mainline working condition one of the largest and heaviest freight tank locomotives built in this country. Built by the Great Western Railway originally as a 2‑8‑0 for use in South Wales hauling heavy coal trains, it became redundant in this traffic as coal usage became less. Later the locomotive was converted into its present form with an extra set of trailing wheels and a larger coal bunker to give increased range.

The class was predominantly used on heavy freight workings over much of the GWR main lines, but were occasionally used on summer passenger reliefs and empty stock workings. Many of its class were shedded locally at Banbury, Oxford, Slough and Southall.

Weighing in at 95 tons in full working order it is hoped to use her when fully restored here at Quainton and on visits to other preserved railways and steam centres, when once again the sharp bark of her exhaust will be heard.

7200 class

History of the 7200 class (72XX) Locomotives.

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№ 7200

The life and times of № 7200.

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7200 with 'thanks everybody' written on the smokebox door

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Restoration can only be accomplished with the generosity of people who want to see 7200 in steam.

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