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The working party is a dedicated group of active Trust members who meet on alternate Sundays, and selected weekdays, to restore 7200 to working order.

Les Beaton in the workshop

The working party is always looking for more help. We are naturally looking for people with engineering skills: sheet-metal workers, machinists, welders, or any other engineering related skills. However this not a must; work can always be found for anyone who can wield a wire brush, a paint brush, or a dustpan and brush.

Help is also always welcomed by our sales team, who staff the sales stand on days when the centre is open to the public.


John needle gunning the frames
Who should I contact about joining the working party team?
You should initially contact the .
What skills are required?
None. OK, if you are a metalworker or engineer, then we can certainly employ such skills; but any willing pair of hands will be put to good use.
What sort of work is carried out?
All sorts. Restoration involves machining new parts, cleaning old parts, painting, welding etc. Other tasks may be collecting and delivering parts; selling scrap metal to raise finds; helping out the sales team on open days.
Any other requirements?
Working party team members must be members of the 7200 Trust. You must also be a member of the Quainton Railway Society for insurance purposes; membership also gives you free access to the Quainton site.
When does the working party meet?
We meet on alternate Sundays throughout the year, and usually a weekday fortnightly to be agreed upon by those wishing to attend. The sales team attends Buckinghamshire Railway Centre event days.
When do you start and finish on a Sunday?
Working times are flexible, we usually start around 9:00am and finish about 4:30pm.
How do I get onto the site, and where can I park?
Entry to the site is via the down yard gate on the Waddesdon (south) side of the bridge, in Station Rd. Parking is available on-site usually behind the restoration shed or adjacent to the museum.
What clothing should be worn?
Overalls, safety shoes or boots, work gloves, safety goggles, face-masks and possibly hard hats are the usual kit; other specialist kit, e.g. welding masks, we have.
What facilities are available on-site on a Sunday?
Hot food is available on Sundays in the Rewley Road Centre, and there is a mess room in the restoration building where hot water for beverage making is available. Toilets are available throughout the site.

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Restoration can only be accomplished with the generosity of people who want to see 7200 in steam.

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