7200 Trust

Preservation’s first 2-8-2T?

7200 Trust launches ‘final push’

The prototype GWR ‘72XX’ 2-8-2T could become the first of its class to steam in preservation – and the movement’s first working standard gauge ‘Mikado’ – if you help the appeal to overhaul its boiler.

In a eighteen-year restoration, the five or six regular volunteers of the 7200 Trust have brought the ex-Barry locomotive to the completed ‘rolling chassis’ stage at its Buckinghamshire Railway Centre base. The connecting rods have now been fitted and the motion is complete, leaving only the valve setting to be carried out, the injectors and their pipework’s have now been completed.


Outstanding Quality

The registered charity has now launched an appeal for £70,000 to complete the overhaul of the big tank’s boiler to complete its restoration. The team has drawn up plans for the work, which they estimate’s will take “at least two years.” The boiler requires extensive repairs, including complete replacement of the tapered barrel section (due to corrosion on the underside), new outer firebox sides, and a new lower throatplate section.

It is intended to put the heaviest work out to contract, while the volunteer team carry out tasks such as de riveting removing the tube plate etc. The construction of a new smokebox was completed this summer and it will be fitted to the saddle permitting the alignment of the blastpipe, new chimney and petticoat.


When restored, it will be based at Quainton, but will be available for hire to preserved lines that can put its ‘8F’ power classification and 33,170lbs of tractive effort to good use. GWR ‘72XX’ 2-8-2T No. 7200 makes an imposing sight in the Down side restoration shed at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre please feel free to come and visit us.