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Our Mission

On St Patrick's day in 1998, The 7200 Trust entered the registered charities dedicated to preserve and restore the Great Western Railway heavy freight 2-8-2T locomotive no.7200 to operation.

Being the 137th locomotive saved from the cutters torch at the Barry Scrapyard in 1981, no.7200 has become one of the most talked about engines in railway preservation.

With most of the major work completed on the rolling chassis at Quainton Road, the boiler repairs are the last hurdle of the restoration project in HBSS, Liverpool.

The long wait is nearly over to witness the largest GWR tank engine to be built moving by it's own steam for the first time in 60+ years!

In addition to the preservation of the locomotive itself, we also aim to preserve and revive the skills necessary to maintain a steam locomotive for future generations. The trust's volunteers will learn and pass along the trades of fitting, painting, welding, machining and more that are otherwise relegated to history books.


It is proposed for the locomotive to be painted in ex-works BR black with the "Lion and Wheel" crest, the last livery she received upon leaving Llanelli Sheds in 1963. Perhaps kept away from damp cloths for an authentic freight loco look...

Once completed, the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is set to be 7200's permanent home for maintenance and operation. It is hoped that no.7200 will be a frequent visitor on lease to other preserved railways in the UK with lengthy 15+ mile track such as the North Yorkshire Moors Railway where she'll be able to contribute to the tourism and the heritage railway economy. She'll certainly be a star attraction where ever she goes.

Our progress depends on the speed of money, which comes from our donation and grant base. At our current rate of fundraising, we anticipate having a running locomotive around 2027, but if funding levels increase, that timeline could be much sooner. To facilitate the restoration process, visit our “Get Involved” page to learn how you (or your company) can become a donor or sponsor.

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