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Restoration Updates






Yesterday the tanks and bunker were tested and filled with the full 2,700 imp. gallons of water. A couple of minor leaks have been spotted which are to be fixed in the next few weeks.

The tanktop brace wasn't sitting flush on top of the tanks so both sides were heated by Keith so that it could be bent into position. After filling the tanks it was then found to be leaking water from around the securing bolts so new rubber gaskets were made and put in place.

Our sales stall is almost ready for opening which will include all sorts of items available for purchase featuring new official 7200 trust merchandise. This will be situated at the up-yard shed at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

Nigel and Jarred have been continuing the refurbishment of our GWR siphon G milk churn wagon.


The ongoing problem of the leaky bolt seems to have been resolved, maybe the rust has started to work after the refilling of the tanks.


The steel pipes for the steam heat have finally arrived, this will be a project for the winter when we have moved the loco completely back over the pit.


Keith has made some new flanges as per drawing and Mike has been machining the steam valves whilst Allan and Nigel are in the process of making the various hanging brackets.


A special thanks to the Q club members Sam, Arron, Emily, Dan and Hugh for their contribution helping us with painting parts of the loco, having started on the pony truck wheels and the front plate work.


Work on the Syphon is still ongoing with the Wednesday crew John, Nigel and Gerrard. Progress really depending on the weather.


Many thanks to all for responding to our request for donations which has far surpassed our expectations.

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