Welcome to 7200 Trust

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Mission Statement

The 7200 Trust is a Registered Non-Profitable Charity (No. 1068694) formed to restore to fully working condition the prototype 2-8-2T freight tank locomotive No. 7200 of the Great Western Railway.



Dedicated to restoring, GWR 2-8-2 Freight Locomotive to working order to be used on heritage lines around the country

We have so far raised over £250,000 for the restoration of 7200 and have at the same time been able to teach forgotten skills to a variety of peoples including many still at school who are looking for an inspiration as to their future careers. We need to raise another £70,000 to complete the boiler which will be leaving Quainton  for the boilersmiths to complete the restoration to steam. 

Charity No: 1068694

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